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May 12th, 2022 – June 18th, 2022

Colorize my mind, Ausstellung in der BINZ39, Zürich

Victorine Müller, Željka Marusić, Silvan Kälin

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Opening hours:
Die Kulturbox ist rund um die Uhr einsehbar vor der Post, Klosters Platz

The Tuchamid gallery gives an opportunity to professional artists to present and communicate contemporary art. This new cultural engagement is an effort to spread interest in the contemporary art as well as create a place of cultural debate about the art itself. The interaction between art and tourism as a new idea for the region.

The main focus of the gallery activities is exhibition of Swiss contemporary artists. Two to three or four exhibitions are scheduled per year. Every exhibition runs a long time and is to be understood as “work in progress”. The new exhibition concept intends to turn away from the typical art business and move to a more sensitive, passionate and interesting art exposure. Meetings in the evening with present artists give us a look at the ideas and inspirations of their works. Discussions are also part of the programm.

To your information: the word Tuchamid means in the Tuareg language (Tamashek) “the brave”...

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